How will we approach your engagement?


People come first in our engagements. No software implementation can be successful without stakeholder engagement and user adoption. Our methodology includes stakeholder analysis and change management activities during project initiation to ensure we understand your people. As we approach go live, our training programs focus on all user groups to support solution adoption.


As with People, no EAM implementation can be successful without rigorously evaluating your as-is process and developing standardized, scalable to-be processes. We provide initial templates and materials built upon industry recognized, ISO-55000 aligned processes for Asset, Work, and Materials Management. We help you document and implement processes which best fit your current organizational structure and allow for future growth.


Once your People and Process are aligned, then the strength of the Infor EAM platform can be brought to bear. Infor EAM is a recognized industry leader. Whether your goal is to implement basic functionality and build upon it, or immediately move to an advanced configuration and take advantage of the latest Industry 4.0 capabilities, Infor EAM has what you need.

How do we approach customer care?

  • We address your needs within 24 hours
  • We deliver scalable, well-considered solutions quickly
  • We offer flexible and affordable customer care pricing and agreements

We can help you mature beyond your implementation through:

Asset Investment Planning

Combining a Capital Planning Initiative with an Asset Management System drives informed decisions relating to maintenance, operations, engineering, and finance. Infor EAM has excellent capabilities to support EUL (End of Useful Life) estimation and asset investment forecasting to support capital planning and budgeting. These capabilities are particularly relevant to public utilities and transit, but can be useful in any asset-intensive industry.

Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management, including capabilities such as Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Forecasting, and RCM, represents the true state of the art in Enterprise Asset Management. Recent versions and added capabilities of the Infor EAM platform have elevated Infor into the leadership position among those systems which can deliver true Asset Performance Management capabilities.


Auditing your newly designed processes both confirms compliance and unveils opportunities for continued improvement. Our audit programs are built to help you assess your journey along the EAM adoption and maintenance maturity curves.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We offer easily accessible, meaningful business intelligence snapshots tailored to your specific needs, built by consultants with fast turnaround times and decades of report writing experience. We provide clients with both well-known KPIs and Metrics for Work and Materials Management and executive dashboards which merge Infor EAM data with other corporate performance data for a holistic picture of performance in a single pane of glass.


Through our TEAMS program offerings, we deliver best-in-class support, all while helping your team grow and develop new skills to conquer the everyday aspects of Infor EAM. We provide you with white-glove service on every request received. Stratum has a “two deep” philosophy, where at least two consultants are current with your EAM instance and configuration. This way, we always have an available resource when a need arises.

Work Planning and Scheduling

Stratum has developed a robust training program which combines maintenance planning and scheduling principles with Infor EAM capabilities to help you on your move towards becoming a proactive maintenance organization. Even if you have enlisted the help of other programs to aid your organization in maintenance planning and scheduling, our training tracks will help you tie those principles tightly to Infor EAM so you can plan and schedule “in the system” and not on spreadsheets.