Having robust technical skills are necessary, but not sufficient to offer full value to our clients. What else, then, do we value at Stratum?

We strive to offer full value to our clients through:
  • Arriving prepared and delivering quality every day.
  • Engaging with integrity and humility, and delivering with excellence.
  • Utilizing our experience and expertise to provide creative solutions.
We provide best-in-class expertise in the EAM space by:
  • Thinking beyond current industry standards and best practices.
  • Delivering simple to use technical solutions.
  • Putting the right information at the right time in the hands of each user.
  • Distilling data into business intelligence to drive productivity.
  • Implementing sound business processes.
  • Eliminating redundant activities and errors through automation.
  • Improving data quality.
  • Driving efficiencies and lowering costs.
We know we’re succeeding when we hear our clients say:
  • Stratum takes the time to understand the nuances of my company’s business.
  • Stratum takes the time to get to know and understand our people.
  • Stratum provides experienced and knowledgeable resources.