We are thrilled to announce that Stratum has recently been certified as an OpenCAD partner by CAD Service! In late February, Stratum consultants underwent a series of training sessions and testing to receive certification to implement the OpenCAD solution within Infor CloudSuite EAM.

“We are excited about our OpenCAD certification and what it means for our customers,” said Eric Faith, Stratum’s VP of Business Development. “Working in partnership with CAD Service, we can provide innovative and value-packed spatial solutions that can greatly extend the reach of asset management across our clients’ organizations.”

CAD Service

CAD Service was founded in 1989 by Giuseppe Delmonte to provide IT technology and services to support architectural design and property management.

Giuseppe Delmonte founder of CAD Service

Over the years Giuseppe has been instrumental in unifying computer-aided design (CAD) and enterprise asset management (EAM) technologies. In 2013 CAD Service became an Infor Solution Partner. CAD Service is headquartered in Italy which has been hit hard by COVID-19. We send our thoughts and well wishes to our CAD Service friends as their country works to gain control over the situation.

“Working together with Stratum, we are able to use our combined strengths to create innovative solutions and deliver value back to our customers,” said Giuseppe Delmonte, Founder and CEO at CAD Service. “We are proud to present to Stratum the OpenCAD Certificate Partnership.”


OpenCAD is an add-on, integrated application found within Infor CloudSuite EAM. OpenCAD helps organizations increase and manage visibility of assets, work, and parts in computer-aided design (CAD) formats. OpenCAD makes tracking and locating asset usage and work associated more efficient and streamlines visualization of work areas. It also increases reliability, reduces costs, lowers energy usage, and supports regulatory compliance. OpenCAD’s main functional features include visualizing your asset, space management, move management, asset inventory, and EPC (Electronic Part Catalog).

With OpenCAD, users have the ability to graphically link EAM assets to CAD drawings as depicted in the following screenshot:

OpenCAD in EAM

Examples of some of the latest OpenCAD features for Infor CloudSuite EAM include:

Manage Work Orders

OpenCAD introduces a new level of managing work orders. EAM users can navigate drawings, identify spatial location areas on a work order, make minor updates to the CAD drawing, and perform room spacing calculations-all within Infor CloudSuite EAM.

Display Asset Condition

Displaying asset condition is a simple and clear way of viewing EAM object and work order information via color-coded circles. A graphic summary is also provided that describes the purpose of every colored circle in a drawing. Users can also get a PDF report which contains the graphic summary and colored map in a single view. This feature is driven by a simple and fully-configurable query.

Receive Graphical Alerts

This alert quickly identifies which work orders are open versus completed, and gives the location where particular work took place, allowing the user to understand the current backlog at a glance.

What OpenCAD Certification Means for You

In full partnership with CAD Service, we now offer complete implementation and training packages for OpenCAD! Contact us to get started!

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