Although considered one of the very best asset management software systems on the market, the HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) system’s full analytical potential cannot be realized without an initial focus on integrating best practices and master data. Establishing this foundation enables efficiency gains through automation, mobility and access, and integrations that can yield substantial cost savings. Collaboration with Stratum will help you set this foundation and achieve asset management maturity by elevating the following areas:

1. Master Data

The two foundational master data registries found in HxGN EAM center on materials and equipment. Organizing and maintaining your data within these two registries, along with supporting codes, is critical for the data integrity and analytical capabilities of all transactions. Master data must be granular, controlled, comprehensive, and well-structured. We can guide you in organizing, cleaning, controlling, and structuring your data to achieve:

  • Granularity to make better decisions at the part and equipment level
  • A foundation for comprehensive and accurate transactions and analytics
  • Visibility into the total cost of ownership of your assets

2. Analytics

HxGN EAM has a variety of analytical tools to interrogate data and transactions to populate KPIs, reports, and role-based dashboards. We can help you visualize and interpret your data to support your asset management objectives by:

  • Embedding role-based metrics in EAM to support data-driven, objective decisions
  • Providing visibility into performance standards of equipment, labor, and materials
  • Enabling organizational asset management maturity through actionable business intelligence

3. Automation

Automation increases productivity, which improves your bottom line. HxGN EAM can automate process steps, data analysis, tasks, and communication with your key stakeholders to make better decisions and drive down transactional costs. We can help you automate your data entry and transactional processing to achieve:

  • Key workflow steps to improve productivity
  • Alerts and notifications to process and monitor critical data
  • Insightful stakeholder reporting

4. Mobility and Access

HxGN EAM is a secure, cloud-based application that is accessible on any internet-enabled device. This means you can access what you need to accomplish your work anywhere, at any time. In addition, HxGN EAM has a suite of mobile apps that sync to the cloud and are supported across multiple operating systems. We can configure these applications to support your specific requirements and organizational roles and responsibilities to:

  • Untether your workforce from the desktop with connected and disconnected capabilities
  • Provide mobile users with critical information and the ability to manage transactions
  • Enhance transactional accuracy through simple and timely mobile transactions

5. Integrations

HxGN EAM’s open architecture allows for integrations that can streamline workflow, improve efficiencies, reduce data entry errors, and provide real-time insight into your processes and equipment. Stratum has extensive experience integrating HxGN EAM to:

  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Leverage IoT and telemetry data to enhance predictive maintenance strategies
  • Incorporate external data sources to capture a complete asset lifecycle picture

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