Jacqueline Tucker and Michael Snyder of Stratum Consulting Partners will be recording the first of a series of videos on the Extensible Framework (EF) in EAM. During the series Jacqueline and Michael cover a wide range of uses for the extensible framework for EAM, general tips and tricks, in-depth code examples, and debugging of the code in EAM. Having a general understanding of JavaScript will be helpful, but not required to begin using the framework for EAM.

The Stratum team has decided to open the recording of this first video to a live audience using the EAM Industry – Public Sector Community. We hope the first video demonstration on the extensible framework and the series to follow are informative, helpful in implementing EF, and that they provide clear-cut examples of the code in a live environment.

In the first video of the series, we will:

  • Discuss the basic overview of the extensible framework for EAM
  • Review examples of EF used by our clients
  • Review live code of extensible framework in Stratum’s demo environment
  • Discuss debugging and review a breakdown of EF code

The Stratum team hopes this video is informative and useful to the general EAM Community. If you found this video to be beneficial, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel to be updated when new content is available. If you would like a sample of the code, select the link below and fill out the code request form.

Click here to request your code sample!

We look forward to helping you explore the extensible framework for Infor’s EAM system. We strive to provide excellent help and support while you implement this tool set. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you need help with the information we have discussed by emailing Support@StratumCP.com.

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