Capital Planning

Public and private sector organizations are continuously challenged to operate more economically on smaller budgets. Understanding the “current state” of an asset and predicting its potential end-of-life or need for replacement is critical when trying to prioritize capital expenditures.

A successful Capital Planning Initiative requires:
  • Focusing on the entire asset lifecycle of design, construction, commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing, and decommissioning of physical and infrastructure assets
  • Establishing quality baseline asset information (e.g., service life, original/replacement cost, etc.
  • Integrating asset performance information (e.g., SCADA interface, utility billing information, historian information) into an asset management system
  • Formulating a Condition Assessment Initiative to understand the asset’s current state
  • Forecasting capital expenditure needs based on justifiable data to eliminate “gut feeling” and politically-driven decisions (e.g., asset information, asset performance information, asset condition assessment information)

We help organizations gain a forward-looking projection by emphasizing key capital planning activities. Combining a Capital Planning Initiative with an Asset Management System drives informed decisions relating to maintenance, operations, engineering, and finance.

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