EAM Training

We develop an EAM training plan collaboratively with each client. We typically utilize a dual-track method of training whereby users are trained on the software application as well as on their defined and documented business processes.

We provide classroom and in-the-field training classes as a standard part of the implementation process. These classes instruct users on everything from basic navigation to work order, inventory, and purchasing processes.

Foundation Classroom Training

Classroom training focuses on developing and reviewing workflows, data codes, and roles and responsibilities, and software functionality, as well as how to execute in EAM the processes outlined in the client Asset Value Model.

Go-live simulation events are conducted that include both software and business process elements.

Foundation In-the-Field Training

In-the-field training is hands-on training in the work environment which applies concepts learned in the classroom and is focused on both process and software elements. This training is performed with “live” data and occurs during and after EAM system go-live. This type of training embeds new software tasks and business processes into the client asset management operation.

We also provide “role books” which contain core training material produced during an implementation engagement and include detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) integrating work processes with application work instructions. These SOPs are further developed to include client-specific business requirements and application level detail (i.e., screen shots and field notes) as part of the implementation phase.

Advanced Customized Training

Once our clients are comfortable with their software application and business processes, they can then take a deeper dive into their day-to-day maintenance operations data by creating customized Cognos reports and developing performance metrics with advanced SQL queries. Popular reports include:

  • Work Order Compliance Reports
  • Stock Analysis
  • Inventory Turns
  • Percentage of Single Line Purchase Orders
Business Process Design
Performance Management
MRO Inventory and Procurement
Master Data Management
Capital Planning